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MXHM treasure hunt 

Be careful, because every time I am asked about the beauty of stones there is a chance I will start telling stories about the beauty I experience while travelling through foreign countries. While talking about these very personal stories, I always see so much joy and pleasure in the eyes of the listeners. 


So I have come up with an idea: 


If you gift a unique piece of jewellery to someone you love, why not doing it in an unforgettable and beyond imaginable way. Wouldn’t it be great to offer an experience as a part of the gift? 


Wouldn’t it be great to be part of a gemstone blessings ceremony carried out by an Indian tribe?  Those who love travelling as much as I do will surely understand. 

Therefore I have decided to organise magical trips to the source of beauty.


We will travel together to discover the country, the culture, the people and the origin of where I found the inspiration, the craftsmanship or the magical gemstone found in your new piece of  jewellery. 


With local friends, experts and partners, bed & breakfasts, boutique- and luxury hotels, MXHM creates a unique and bespoke journey where you will start your very personal adventure to feel and discover where beauty really comes from. 


Together we will discover unbelievable beauty and often inaccessible sights. To give you an idea and just to name a few possibilities:  


driving through the highlands of Myanmar and its famous ruby mines, cycling through the Sapphire Fields in Sri Lanka, strolling over the astonishing gemstone market in Thailand, taking the train to the Tansanite and Tsavorite Mines in Kenya or the gem field site in Mozambique, visiting the pink diamond mines in Australia, snowshoeing to the diamond ice fields in Canada, being part of the biggest mineral get together in Arizona, hiking to the fair trade gold site in Peru or the Colombian Emerald Markets, discovering the trails of the cultural heritage of goldsmith craftsmanship in France, Italy, Germany or Switzerland or visiting the latest design hot spots from Tokyo to Los Angeles. 


There is so much to see!! 


I promise you will have an adventurous, romantic and most certainly unforgettable journey where my partners and I will do our utmost as hosts, ensuring your journey is a memorable experience, all the while providing you access and insights to my life as a jeweller. 


If you are interested, drop me a line:

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