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MXHM real sustainability

Next level jewellery creation

Creating good design and finding the best gemstones is one thing - the challenge today is creating truly sustainable jewellery. It is my firm opinion that our industry is obliged to act responsibly from this moment on. There are a lot of sustainable thought-bubbles and what I would call semi-sustainability out there today. As one of the first jewellers to start working with fair trade gold in Germany, I know a lot about this topic and how it can be applied throughout our industry. 


For me, one of the best ways to obtain a desired and really sustainable piece of jewellery is to take an old one and transform it into something new. 


Merge the best from all worlds


I search for a piece from the late 80s or 90s with a design no one with taste would touch. The quality of these pieces, especially the gemstones, can be astonishing. I use my expertise to purchase the appropriate pieces, ensuring we can extract and use all of the valuable materials -  gold, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, etc. 

Upcycling deluxe 


By melting the gold or platinum we create a new, truly sustainable piece of fine jewellery while using or re-cutting the existing gemstones. With a gorgeous new design, and fine goldsmithing artwork, an original piece is brought to life.

No limits


​The possibilities are infinite - not unlike in the process of creating a new bespoke piece. 


The search for the appropriate pieces may lead to a longer than normal creation process – surely a small price to pay to preserve our environment. 


Preloved - reinvented 


If you love the idea as much as I do, please let me know and together we can create your very personal piece of fine sustainable jewellery. 


If you are interested, drop me a line:

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